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Zuny Bookend & Window Decals Gift

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An adorbale baby boy gift. The giraffe bookend will brighten up any bookshelf and these funky window decals will bring color to the room! Beautifully gift boxed.



Zuny Giraffe Bookend

Forwalls Sports Ball Window Decals

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Special Price

Zuny Classic Giraffe Bookend- This classic and traditional brown giraffe bookend is lovingly hand-made with amazing attention to detail. Faux leather. 25cm x 10cm x 38cm. Can be used as doorstop as is approx 1kg


Forwalls ‘Sports Balls’ Window Decals these decals are transparent and will let the light shine through. They can be easily moved and reapplied without leaving any sticky residue. You can move them and re-use them as many times as you like!


Pack consists of 1 x Zuny Brown Giraffe Bookend 1 x Forwalls Sports Balls Window Decals. Beautifully gift boxed.